“Same sky/Meme ciel” #pocketpaintingproject

Curated by Leslie Grenne&Duwenavue Sante Johnson -
International exhibition



"Way Out" 

Curated by Ludovic Dervillez

International exhibition - La Grange Gallery -

Cernay-Lès-Reims - France




Contemporary art biennale  - Reims - France


Curated by Leslie Greene - Galerie du Génie - Paris - France

"4ème rencontre internationale art actuel"

Mesnil-Eglise - Belgium

"Secret Postcard show"

The Old Lock Up Gallery - Cromford - England

"Ateliers d'artistes"

Open studio - Reims - France



"La Particule" 

Private exhibition - Reims - France

"Black Box" 

Curated by Arvid Boecker - Saarländisches Künstlerhaus - Saarbrücken - Germany

"Crazy and foolish Ambitious" Curated by Dennis Guerra and Fred Michiels - Tamines/Auvelais - Belgium

Group show


"La liberté comme emblème d'échec" 

Curated by Dennis Guerra and Fred Michiels -Tamines - Belgium


Contemporary art biennale  - Reims - France

"Parcours de l'art" 

Contemporary art festival  - Avignon - France




Curated by "La Fileuse" - 3W Gallery - Reims - France

"Fiction (With Only Daylight BetweenUs) v.2"

Curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones -Corridor Projects, Dayton, Ohio - USA

“Dead or Alive”

Curated by Cande Aguilar - Galeria 409 - Brownsville (Tx) - USA



“Pulp Painting"

Curated by Valerie Brennan Studio Apothiki, Paphos - Cyprus

"Chill, Zen, Funk and Twang"

Exhibition online. Curated by David T Miller on the website Curating Contemporary - USA



"Off the wall"

The 9th Terrace Open. Curated by Karl Bielik -

London - England



"Now you see it, now you don't"

The 8th Terrace open. Curated by Karl Bielik -

London- England